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f3ckers Member   19-02-2008 61  Other CarTyrone   
f444ack Junior Member   25-06-2010 23  Subaru Impreza WRXnorthern ireland  Car Fanatic
fabiostar ok your rite ffs   20-01-2008 4,340 nosey ***erzx7r...dead.knitting.knitterSubaru Owner and Fanatic
FAKER liam   24-05-2009 120 middle aged car nutSubaru Impreza TurbolisburnmotorsportsecurityCar Fanatic
farmer will william mcminn   21-01-2008 939  wrx stimountainsbeer tractors subarus big breasted womanfarmer/lorry driver/winding the missus up..Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Farrelly Junior Member   02-01-2013 0  Bug eyeMeath  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Fast Cab Junior Member   12-10-2011 0  Subaru Impreza Type RIrelandRallying Subaru Owner and Fanatic
faszerniak Junior Member   20-06-2013 0  gc8Dublin  Car Fanatic
Fathead Junior Member   14-04-2013 0  Subaru Impreza Spec C RAIreland  Car Fanatic
Faz Junior Member   20-05-2013 1 Body builderSti pppLeedsCarsMechanicSubaru Owner and Fanatic, Car Fanatic
Feakle Forester Junior Member   01-04-2012 0  Subaru Forester STiIreland  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
fear_no_scooby Junior Member   23-10-2008 23  evo 8n.lreland  Car Fanatic
Federal Junior Member   12-02-2013 11 hmmmm. no ideas what to say02 Bugeye WRXMeathCars....Subaru'sSecuritySubaru Owner and Fanatic
fefe Junior Member   14-11-2012 0 uy Hi was proud owner of Sti now have forester (use as mobile kennel!) Hoping to buy un malessed wr1!Subaru Foresterkentcars cars carsgeneral dogs bodySubaru Owner and Fanatic, Subaru Fanatic (but not owner)
felix Junior Member   13-07-2009 1 mostly old skool ford but scooby & mitsubishi gsr & evo alsoSubaru Impreza WRXnorth louthrally,resto,& showssignsSubaru Owner and Fanatic
Fergkielty Junior Member   04-03-2014 0  Subaru Impreza STiDublin  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
fernando Junior Member   07-08-2010 0  Subaru Impreza STienfield  Subaru Fanatic (but not owner)
Fezsi Junior Member   12-08-2012 4  m-sportn.iron  Subaru Fanatic (but not owner)
filipcalagan Junior Member   15-10-2012 0 Man 32 years oldSubaru Impreza STikilkenny irelandsoccer rally f1cookSubaru Owner and Fanatic
final-spin Junior Member   13-01-2012 0  Subaru Impreza WRX 300moneymorerallying, man utd, gym!driving instructorSubaru Owner and Fanatic, Car Fanatic
Fingers McGee Junior Member   15-06-2012 0  Other CarIreland  Car Fanatic
firegnom Junior Member   01-06-2010 0  Subaru ForesterDublin  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
fisie7 Junior Member   21-06-2008 0  Subaru Impreza STiComber   
fitzeee Junior Member   13-03-2012 0  Subaru Impreza STitipperary plumber unemployedSubaru Owner and Fanatic
fitzers Junior Member   11-06-2013 2  Subaru Legacyleixlip co kildare taxi driverSubaru Owner and Fanatic
fitzy2675 Junior Member   07-04-2010 0  sti specCo Down  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
fitzysteve Junior Member   24-04-2013 0  Subaru Impreza Type RCork Student at University of LimerickCar Fanatic
flak Junior Member   31-01-2011 0  Subaru Impreza TurboSouth  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
flat quad Junior Member   09-02-2011 0 personSubaru Impreza STidublinrigsgrease monkeySubaru Owner and Fanatic
flat4natic Junior Member   15-06-2012 0  Other Cararmagh  Car Fanatic
flip Junior Member   16-11-2014 0  Subaru Impreza STiwicklow  Car Fanatic
Flossy Junior Member   09-11-2013 0  Subaru Impreza TurboDublin RetiredSubaru Owner and Fanatic
Fooker Junior Member   03-01-2014 2  Subaru Impreza P1ireland  Car Fanatic
forester Junior Member   09-12-2011 1  Forester XTEnnis EngineerSubaru Owner and Fanatic
forester sti Senior Member   01-01-2010 339 Absolute car nut, Also have Golf gttdi for work and R32 rwd liner for track06 Forester StiKildareTrackdays, Scooby meetsCarpenter/BuilderSubaru Owner and Fanatic
foresterdave Junior Member   21-10-2009 1 love big powerSubaru Foresterkilkennycars+bikesbutcher managerSubaru Owner and Fanatic
Foresterguy Junior Member   21-08-2011 14 My Black BeautySubaru forester t/tb 1998 blackDublin, Ireland, IrelandCars,martial arts,fishing,horsesDeputy Site Security ManagerSubaru Owner and Fanatic
forster ian Junior Member   21-06-2012 10 married 2 moira for 16 year 3 weans 2 girls and a boySubaru ForesterdonegalrallyingfarmerCar Fanatic
fortytwo Junior Member   11-08-2014 0  Subaru Impreza WRXDublin  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
fourbanger Junior Member   08-12-2010 1  Subaru Impreza WRXCo.Wexford  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Fran k Junior Member   15-07-2012 0  Subaru Impreza STiDublin  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Fran123 Junior Member   04-02-2012 20  30Belfast  Car Fanatic
francie gilmore Member   17-02-2010 75  Subaru Impreza STinorth down  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Francy Junior Member   17-09-2013 0  Subaru Impreza TurboIRELAND  Car Fanatic
francywrx Junior Member   15-01-2011 32 my name is keith mad about scoobys since i was 12 finally hav 1 the last 2 yr an no painsSubaru Impreza WRX RAoffalykickboxin , gym subaru fanaticbricklayerSubaru Owner and Fanatic
frank scofield Junior Member   15-12-2010 0  Subaru Impreza WRXcolorado springs colorado USA  Subaru Owner and Fanatic, Car Fanatic
Frank wray Junior Member   10-09-2012 0  Subaru Impreza WRCClady  Trader / Car Business
frasr Junior Member   24-11-2012 0  Other CarGalway  Subaru Fanatic (but not owner)
fred388 Junior Member   13-10-2010 28  bugeye wrxGlasgow/Finaghy firefighterSubaru Owner and Fanatic
fresk Junior Member   08-03-2014 0  Subaru Forester STiwx  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Frogs leg Junior Member   06-01-2010 6 John2001 AWD 2.0 GLDublin  Subaru Owner and Fanatic, Car Fanatic
frossessnake Darren.   13-08-2008 66 family guy but young at heartSubaru Impreza Turbodonegalebay, ps2, sportsmaintenance fitterSubaru Owner and Fanatic
Frosty Junior Member   17-11-2011 4  Subaru Impreza STiCo. Antrim  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
frosty33 Junior Member   11-05-2011 0  Subaru Foresterleinster  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
furlong2669 Junior Member   27-03-2013 2 Love subaru'sOther Carwexfordmusic and motorsportsnoneSubaru Fanatic (but not owner)
Fuzz Junior Member   28-03-2008 0  Subaru Impreza STiLisburn   
Fuzzy__Wrx Junior Member   07-05-2015 0 Mechanic by trade Jap car lover Proud owner of 01 Wrx ej205t/cSubaru Impreza WRXKilkennyDrifting drag racing cars bikes trucks !!MechanicCar Fanatic
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