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J baby! Senior Member   12-02-2009 416  Tigra 14 16vBallymena SecretaryCar Fanatic
J Gallagher Junior Member   02-09-2014 5  Subaru Impreza Type RChurchill Apprentice mechanicSubaru Owner and Fanatic
j meade Junior Member   26-03-2013 0  GC8 Rally Car Group N +Cork  Subaru Owner and Fanatic, Car Fanatic
j scooby Junior Member   19-03-2011 0 mad in to subarus and partyingSubaru Impreza WRXRepublic of Irelanddriving hard and partying hard[email protected]Subaru Owner and Fanatic
j-k Junior Member   18-06-2008 0  Subaru Impreza WRX RAin a houserallying  
J.D.M Junior Member   25-04-2014 0  Subaru Impreza STiIreland  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
j.porter Junior Member   28-07-2013 0 Own a night navigational rally 4 by 4 subaru legacy with high and low box which is rare. the car is kitted out and in very good shape, everything working, and is for sale and i have came on this site to replace a few parts, if intrested in buying the subaru contact meSubaru LegacyCo.Tyrone  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
j16jrf wah u wan   21-01-2008 1,615 kind of a legend lolSubaru Impreza Turbocentre of the universecars and my familymaster of the universeSubaru Owner and Fanatic, Car Fanatic
j22b Junior Member   21-01-2014 21  Subaru impreza glireland  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
J8MCG Senior Member   24-02-2009 519  evo 9Cookstownrallying, rugby, drinking :)managerCar Fanatic
Jaay Junior Member   13-02-2016 0  +++++Sligo  Car Fanatic
jackflash Junior Member   16-01-2011 5  Subaru Impreza WRXtipp  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
jackie harrison Junior Member   28-01-2013 0  Subaru Impreza WRX 300northern ireland  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
jackie12 Junior Member   14-01-2012 4  Subaru Impreza STi ProdrivecookstownSubarus Subaru Owner and Fanatic
jackieh Junior Member   20-09-2009 4  Subaru Impreza WRX 300portadownscooby,sauce & silage !!! Subaru Owner and Fanatic
jackkoo Member   05-09-2010 46 i am a scooby fanSubaru Impreza WRXArmaghshoppingchefSubaru Owner and Fanatic
jacklso3 Junior Member   27-06-2011 0 i like anything with an engineOther Carlarnecars and bikeselectritianSubaru Fanatic (but not owner), Car Fanatic
JackMac Junior Member   27-02-2013 2  Subaru Impreza TurboDublin Hotel, Bar ManSubaru Owner and Fanatic
Jacko88p Junior Member   17-02-2013 1  Subaru Impreza SportDublin MarketingSubaru Owner and Fanatic
jadeybaby Member   22-09-2008 35 well my names jade, from the middle of nowwhere called dromara and im 20. drive a wee seat ibiza sx!Seat Ibiza sxDromarahmm my car haha, going to meets shows etc. nights out and the usual stuffAdministrationSubaru Fanatic (but not owner)
jakey type ra Senior Member   06-12-2009 184  subaru impreza type rabelfast dundonaldgoing to the gymjoinerSubaru Owner and Fanatic
James Junior Member   06-10-2009 9  saxovtsCo Down  Subaru Fanatic (but not owner)
James Anglim Junior Member   23-03-2010 2  Subaru Impreza Type RLimerick  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
james behan Junior Member   28-07-2010 0  GT TurboDerry  Subaru Fanatic (but not owner), Car Fanatic
James Burke Junior Member   15-08-2011 12 Im James Burke im 18 and I am a subaru fanatic but i drive an A4 for work reasons..Subaru Impreza STi ProdrivekilkennyGoing to meets, modding carsFarmerSubaru Fanatic (but not owner), Car Fanatic
James Glynn Junior Member   10-12-2012 0       
james maginnes Junior Member   05-06-2011 0  1.6 tslarne  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
James McKinney Junior Member   12-10-2010 3  Subaru Impreza Turboantrimcars an womenshopfitterSubaru Owner and Fanatic
james o s Junior Member   12-03-2010 0  Subaru Impreza WRXCorkrunning,football Subaru Owner and Fanatic
James Preston Junior Member   20-06-2010 0 iLoveBassOther CarCarrickfergusPhotography Car Fanatic
james white aka chalky chalky   26-02-2010 4 retired armySubaru Impreza Turbobirminghamracing,girls,usuall lads stuffblock patherSubaru Owner and Fanatic
james.feenan Member   01-06-2010 99 love every thing to do with motorbikes tt and the manx i also love trackdays and goin to the roadracing in ireland and as many rallys as possibleSubaru Impreza Type RTullamore, IrelandAll Out Door, "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control ansterilisor operatorSubaru Owner and Fanatic
james1 Junior Member   09-05-2010 18 subaru madSubaru Impreza WRXdublincarsbuilderSubaru Owner and Fanatic
james14a Junior Member   29-01-2011 0  Other Carcoleraine  Car Fanatic
James16v Junior Member   25-03-2013 3  Yamaha blasterCavanCars trucks quads tractors Car Fanatic
JamesBalbach Junior Member   21-07-2014 0  Mk2 Leon Cupra RDublin PilotSubaru Fanatic (but not owner), Car Fanatic
jamesboyle Junior Member   29-06-2010 2  STi RADungannon  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
jamesconsidine Junior Member   22-05-2011 0  Subaru Impreza TurboTelford  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
jamesgolden Junior Member   19-11-2014 0  noneIreland mechanicSubaru Fanatic (but not owner)
jamesk140 Junior Member   11-04-2010 1  Subaru Impreza Type Rballycastle  Subaru Owner and Fanatic, Car Fanatic
Jamie Hayes Junior Member   17-06-2013 0       
jamie king Member   12-02-2011 66 if in doubt flat out! r.i.p colinsubaru legacy turbo 93limerick countyif it has an engine i'm there!quad repair shop ownerSubaru Owner and Fanatic, Car Fanatic
jamie nolan Member   26-02-2011 83 hate hondaSubaru Impreza STikildarescobbies.sparksSubaru Owner and Fanatic
JAMIE-TYPERV6 Senior Member Visit JAMIE-TYPERV6's homepage! 20-07-2012 183 I've been a long time Scooby fanatic for many years. Bought my first one in 2002 and have had a few since then. I currently have a 1999 V6 Type R which is currently been rebuilt by myself as an S5 WRC replica and have an V6 UK Wagon Turbo as my daily driver. I've been a full member on the ISDC since 2007 and I'm currently a 2012 Committee Member for the club as acting Feature Writer and Club PRO.V6 Type R (S5 WRC Rep)Wicklow, IrelandDesign & CarsMD/Owner of The ProjectSubaru Owner and Fanatic
[email protected] Junior Member   23-11-2014 0 How's it going I'm Jamie live in Dublin jus bought my first Subaru its only a English 97 Subaru impreza turboSubaru Impreza TurboDublinCarsApprentice mechanicSubaru Owner and Fanatic
jamiekv4 Junior Member   19-09-2011 0  22sligo  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
JamieR85 Junior Member   23-11-2014 0  Type RFalkirk, Scotland HGV DriverSubaru Owner and Fanatic
Jamie_SRX Jamie Johnston   02-09-2011 12 Still learning to drive. My parents were kind enough to buy me an Impreza as a first car. It's a Japanese spec Impreza SRX. Fairly rare. Basically a WRX without the turbo. The key diference between the SRX and the Sport that the UK/Ireland was given is that it is a DOHC boxer engine as opposed to the Sports SOHC engine.Subaru Impreza SRXCyprusAll things car related.StudentSubaru Owner and Fanatic
jamo Junior Member   24-05-2011 1  Subaru Impreza 22Bsmall island near france  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Jamz Junior Member   07-01-2011 0  Subaru Impreza WRXDurham StudentSubaru Owner and Fanatic
Jamz3k Alfaholic Visit Jamz3k's homepage! 26-01-2008 1,365  Alfa Romeo 147 Lusso TSWhiteheadModel building & Playin the ol' Xbox when i have a chance.Sales Agent for a Digital TV providerSubaru Fanatic (but not owner)
jap_j Member   06-01-2012 65  Subaru Impreza STileitrimboxing, fishing, shooting, rugby, gymStudent IT SligoSubaru Owner and Fanatic
jarhead Junior Member   05-08-2015 0  Other CarLisburn  Car Fanatic
jarockis Junior Member   12-08-2011 3  b4dublincars Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Jas Lad Senior Member   25-04-2009 173  Subaru Impreza STi ProdriveAround  Subaru Owner and Fanatic
Jasg6 Junior Member   03-11-2012 0 Big car man owned a lot of toyotas but switched to Subaru for a while anyway..:)Subaru Impreza STiMayoPlay county football for mayoWater treatment plant operatorSubaru Owner and Fanatic
jashami Junior Member   11-01-2011 4  Other CarN.I.  Car Fanatic
jaskin71 Junior Member   07-03-2012 0 old, leazy and broke :)Subaru Impreza WRXCo. Meathscooby, windsurfing and GT5happy general operativeSubaru Owner and Fanatic
Jason Curran Van Wilder Visit Jason Curran's homepage! 17-03-2008 4,337 Sales manager for Pacenotes Rally Magazine and Ex Karting Champion07 Subaru Impreza STI Type UKNewtownardsRacing, Clubbing and Car DetailingSales ManagerSubaru Owner and Fanatic
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