March 29, 2011 - Leg 5/Marathon 1

A marathon leg can be the most difficult two days of the rally but their is something to be said about sleeping under the stars, with a few other Gazelles, in the middle of Africa.* It is camping in its truest form and last night was magnificent.*

The three Americans returned to the bivouac this evening feeling tired but happy with their performances.* Monday was vast terrain of colorful landscapes with little to no sand.* "It was very different from Tuesday,"* Emily Miller said. "We started in dunes and crossed over to an immense crater bordering nearby Algeria.* Today is one of my favorite days on the rally, the views are breathtaking." *

Team #109 hit all seventeen checkpoints currently sitting in 2nd place overall.* The HUMMER H3 Miller is piloting is having overheating issues and is spending the night with mechanics and team #107's HUMMER H3.

"We knew we had a possible issue with the truck," first time competitor, Amy Lerner said after returning to the bivouac.* "The loss of traction control has made it very difficult, so we analyzed the number of kilometer vs the amount of daylight and created a strategy that got us home safely."* Team 107 hit seven checkpoints and currently ranks 34th overall.*** *

Tomorrow, the Gazelles enter the final stage of the Rally Aïcha des Gazelles - Leg 6/Marathon 2.* Emotions are high forcing teams to work even harder to maintain a level head and continue to the finish.*



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