The unbelievable devastation that has befallen the people of Japan has sent ripples around the world, local rally star Cody Crocker, who spoke to earlier this month about his plans to re-contest selected Rounds of the Asia-Pacific Championship, has had to shelve plans with the Cusco Racing Team.

“So much of the industry over there, not just motorsport, but every industry has been affected,” said Crocker from his home in Melbourne during an online podcast.

Crocker, who sat out the 2010 season, had put together a limited campaign with Japanese tuning house Cusco to contest the International Rally Queensland and the Rally New Zealand this season.

But the impact of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan as forced Cusco and Crocker to postpone their plans after Cusco’s suppliers shut down production in a number of key areas.

“They (Cusco) have tyre sponsors who can’t make tyres now. So physically we’re limited by all of those things, suppliers who have stopped production now as well and so that’s where it’s become an issue,” explained Cody.

“It’s a big hit for me having worked so hard to put this together and suddenly it’s just been stopped. But I’m sure everyone will understand that this is very small in comparison to what everyone is actually dealing with in Japan, that’s obviously a lot tougher.”

“So unfortunately that’s two Rounds gone from there but fortunately I have four Rounds in Malaysia in the Malaysian Championship. I’m actually heading off tomorrow to prepare the car and get setup,” Crocker added.



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